Joining Instructions

Getting the most out of TDW-Live

Please find below all of the details you need for getting the best out of TDW-Live. If you have any questions, please email

Days to attend

Please double-check that you have the ticket for the days you wish to attend. Please do not turn up for the days for which you have not purchased /booked. The venue is holding us to the number of delegates per day. If you are unsure which days you have booked please contact us. This includes the Pie n Pint evening.

Safety & Security

We understand that we are the only event happening at the time, however, we ask that you remain vigilant. Please wear your conference badge at all times. There is ample parking at the venue. Please note TDW accepts no responsibility for the safety or security of your vehicle.

Online Attendees

For those attending online, you will be sent your login information in time for the event. All streams will be delivered via the TDW+ portal and you will have access to the days that you are permitted to join. Note, Day 1 is ONLY available to those with a TDW+ subscription

Dietary Requirements

There will be plenty of food and refreshments being made available during the event. If you have any special dietary requirements please let us know at least a week before the event.

Speaker information:

Please provide your full profile, photo, and presentation synopsis by the 5th of November.


  • You are permitted to use your own laptop – please ensure you have an HDMI connection
  • Those traveling from outside of the UK please ensure you have the correct power adapters
  • The TDW laptops support PowerPoint and Key Note only


  • All remote presenters will be required to use WebEx
  • Please ensure TDW has a copy of your slides in case of IT failure


  • If you wish to pre-record your presentation, please deliver the recording to TDW in MP4 high-res format

Covid Safe

In the UK the current guidance is that masks are optional. We have not had any word from the venue as to the onsite policy.

We advise at his stage that you carry a mask with you.

To aid with social distancing we have asked the venue to set up tables as opposed to our normal theatre-style layout.

Sponsors and exhibitors


  • All electrical items must be safety checked
  • Please do not leave valuables at your booth unattended
  • Please provide your sponsor profile to TDW by 5th November – anything after this date will not make the conference hand-out. Including profile, logo, links to resources
  • TDW has limited IT equipment for hire, if you have not pre-booked anything please make sure you do so at least a week before the event
  • Setting up your table area will be permitted from 1800 HRS on Monday 14th


You are permitted to use your own laptop for your presentation. A STANDARD HDMI cable will be used, make sure that you are able to use these cables. Your presentation will be recorded and streamed to the online portal.

If you would like to use the TDW laptops for presenting, please make sure we have your slides in plenty of time to ensure that they run and present on the TDW machines.

Do you have a risk assessment template you would like us to adhere to?

We do not, all we ask is that you have the necessary corporate and public liability insurance in place and your electrical items are safety checked.

Would you please also send me a copy of your own risk assessment for the event?

Our agreement is with the venue directly and the requirement is for our public liability insurance to be in place. There is also a daily health and safety briefing.

I have read the Covid Safe section on your website but wondered if there was any update from the venue re mask wearing and what the policy will be regarding:
  • offering promotional materials,
  • exchanging business cards,
  • will hand-shaking be discouraged, etc?

The industry norm now appears to be ‘fist bumping’. We would suggest that promotional material be left on your table and delegates can decide if they will gather material. We also suggest that each vendor has some hand sanitization gel on their tables.