WebX Systems

WebX Systems Ltd., is a privately owned, UK limited company that owns the copyright for UltraXML™, UltraCSDB®, UltraAuthor™, UltraPortal™ and other applications and tools.

WebX Systems Ltd. was first registered in the UK in November 1999 and the day-to-day business activities are handled by “WebX Systems Partnership“ with its partners being the management, developers and financiers.

WebX’s flagship products including UltraXML™, UltraCSDB®, UltraAuthor™ and UltraPortal™, address the needs of high-end publishing industry around the world, while its years of experience in specifying and supplying content lifecycle management (LCM) and electronic publishing management solutions to the industry allow it to provide quality consultancy services to the international market.

WebX employs a team of professionals and can call at short notice on other professionals based at affiliate operations in Europe to provide the most cost-effective solution for any given project.