If you have any questions that are not answered here then please fell free to contact us at Tech Data World.

Delegate & General FAQ's

Can I hand out my corporate brochures even though I am not exhibiting?

The short answer is no, we have had complaints from full paying vendors that ‘competitors’ were paying for a delegate space and handing out corporate material.

We request that you exchange business cards and follow-up post the event.

Note: anyone who is caught ignoring this guidance will be asked to leave the event immediately

Is there a preferential rate for the hotel?

Yes there is, you need to quote Tech Docs World event to get the best deal. You should note that we have been told that there is another event on at the same time as ours so please be sure to book well in advance.

If you have problems booking your rooms, let Claire know who will work with the venue.

I am a vegetarian will you feed me?

Yes, everyone with specific dietary food needs should let Claire know to be sure your food is ordered in plenty of time!

Can we book an open ticket for the three days?

Yes, you just need to let us know which person will attend on which day from your organisation.

Can we access presentations post the event?

All delegates will have an account created on TD-iQ post the event and will have access to the presentations for the days which you attended.

You will not be able to access presentations for Day 3 or any other days that you did not attend.

We may need to change our delegate is this OK?

Yes, but at least 14 days before the event please so we can have all necessary badges etc printed.

Can I bring my laptop?

Of course, but please note only on Day 1 do we set-up tables for laptops, Day 2 and Day 3 are theater style layout.

Can I hold a space whilst I get formal approval?

Yes, we will hold a space for you whilst you get approval, please make sure you email Claire with your full requirements and we will hold for four weeks.

Am I on the reception evening list?

If it was on your invoice then yes, if you are not sure, Claire can tell you!

We only want to attend the evening reception is this possible?


In the past we used to allow this, but due to numerous complaints we decided to remove this option.

Is there a dress code?

Not really, but we say:

Day 1 – Smart casual – it is a relaxed day and the focus is on learning

Day 2 – Smart

Day 3 – Smart

Military personnel are free to wear uniform.

Vendor Related FAQ

How many spaces do we have?

This depends on your level of sponsorship and would have been included on your invoice. If you need help with this let Claire know and she will confirm for you.

What time is set-up and breakdown?

The choice is yours, if you are wishing to have your table set-up for the entire three days (to maximize delegate engagement). We will be there from 7PM the night before, otherwise set-up will be from 7PM on the 19th or BEFORE 8AM on the 20th.

You can break-down anytime after 4PM on the 21th to avoid disrupting the event.

Will there be a delegate list?

Due to the new GDPR regulations we will need to ensure everyone has agreed to be on the list, we suggest that you speak to as many people as you can!

Will you introduce us to key people?

If there is someone specific you would like to meet, we will of course be happy to do the introductions.

Is there WiFi?

Yes there is, but we always say, do not rely 100% on Wifi for any presentations/demos. The venue has recently updated their wifi network, but technology being technology – have a back-up!

Can we ship to the venue?

Yes you can, the hotel information is on the contact page, please make sure you clearly identify any packages with:

Tech Docs World Event


Please also let Claire know that you have shipped items so we can inform the hotel and look out for your goodies!

We have to leave early, will you organise shipping for us?

No, you will need to pack everything up and label appropriately, leave your packages at your table and the hotel will point the courier to your table.

Is there IT equipment available for hire?

We have limited supply of monitors, TV’s etc – if you need any of these items, you MUST let us know as early as possible as these are allocated and booked on a first come first served basis.

Please note there is a charge to hire equipment.

Is there power at the tables?

There is limited stock of extension cables, you should where possible bring your own, but there is electricity!

Do we have to have insurance?

Yes, all vendors MUST have their own liability insurance and ensure all your electrical items are safety and PAT tested.

Can I reserve a table? I am waiting budget approval!

We already have a number of tables reserved for possible exhibitors. We have been clear with everyone, these ‘reserved’ tables will be allocated to those who can confirm first.

Our booking includes two VIP tickets, what are these?

You can woo your customers with a free pass to the event – you just need to let us know names, company and contact details.

Speaker FAQ's

Is there a theme this year?

Yes – we are focusing on the reality of tech pubs – if you need help with a topic or flow, contact us and we’ll get Mike to give you a call.

Can I use my own laptop?

Yes, please make sure you have a HDMI connection port on your laptop

What is my presentation time length?

There are various lengths this year, please check the agenda. You should allow for a time of question and answers. On Day 2 we have allowed 40 minutes per presentation which also allows for five minutes swapping and moving time. If you are unsure how long you are presenting, then please contact us for guidance.

What format should my presentation be in?

If you are using your own laptop the tool of your preference, otherwise we have a laptop with us that supports PowerPoint.