COVID-19 – Important Information

We are acutely aware that many of our customers and supporters are concerned about the current global situation around COVID-19. We have already had several questions with regards to this year’s conference and if we plan to proceed.

What are we doing?

The current advice and UK government estimates are that the outbreak will likely decrease and decline well in time for this year’s planned event and therefore we aim to run as usual. Bookings are now open, and our sponsors have all committed to the conference as usual.

Even with the very best estimates, there is, of course, a risk that the event may indeed be affected. We have considered this outside risk and have developed an action plan to make sure we all can participate as usual.

What if the situation does not change?

If this is the case, we plan to transfer the event to 100% online. Many of you know we already stream the current event live to our TD-iQ members.

At TDW, we have invested in all of the skills, software, equipment and infrastructure to deliver an exceptional online event. Ironically an online version of the event could provide some extra, and added value to our sponsors and delegates and a fully online version is something that we have been working on and planning for some time. We will immediately bring the plans forward if the situation forces us to.

The advice for our supporters is to book your space as usual, and we hope and plan for the conference to run as usual, if not we will all assemble online for a streamed version of the event.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to