TDW-Live#9 – Agenda

We are working on probably our best agenda yet! We will publish the full runners and riders shortly – but please watch the videos below for a taste of what we will cover.

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Day One - Workshop Day

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Time Title Description & Watch Video Introduction Notes
0830-0900 Registration Grab a coffee and find your seat ALL
0900-1030 Morris 1100 - Workshop Manual Conversion How do we convert a paper-based (monolithic) manual into something that is more modern and useful? This presentation will look at the processes and tools available to us to make it happen Michael Ingledew
1030 - 1100 Coffee Take a break All
1100-1200 Applying STE Principles to legacy content How do we apply STE principles to our Morris 1100 Workshop Manual? Ciaran Dodd
1200 - 1330 Applying S1000D and DITA Principles How do we apply modern specification and standards methodologies to our workshop manual? Michael Ingledew
1330 - 1345 Lunch Grab something to eat and mix with the early-set-up vendors All
1345 - 1515 Publishing Engaging Interactive Manuals from our S1000D Content Taking the converted content created earlier and publishing to an engaging IETP Stuart Best & Lewis Marshall - SDL

Day Two - Technical Publications & Product Support

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Time Track One (Tech Pubs) Track Two (Support)  
0830 - 0900 Registration    
0900 - 0915 Welcome    
0920 -0950 Using Technical Publication Procedures with Technical Content & Reducing Maintenance Costs - Stuart Best and Lewis Marshall ''Annoying' the Enemy - The Purpose of Support Engineering
[Or - more honestly "Helping Other People to Kill People..."]
0950 - 1020 Technical Illustrations in the 21st Century - Roy Scorer Deploying Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) to Reduce Logistics Demand  
1020 - 1050 Deploying Technical Manuals to a global customer base - Ketul Chauhan, Technical Publications Manager, SAFRAN Electrical & Power The Need for effective Support Engineering Leadership.
[A New Paradigm for managing Support Engineering on large programmes]
1050 - 1120 Coffee Break    
1120 - 1150 Verifying our technical content to STE - Roy Winjnen & Ciaran Dodd The Support Engineering Centre of Excellence - Luca Leone  
1150 - 1220 Awaiting Title - Raytheon Supporting the Wildcat - Lt Col Chris Ireland  
1220 - 1250 Awaiting Title - CDS Defence and Security    
1250 - 1350 Lunch & Exhibition All remain in main hall for PM  
1350 - 1420 S1000D, DITA or something else - what's your requirement? - Don Bridges - Jana Inc    
1420 - 1450 "Annoying' the right People"
(Annoy the enemy, not our own forces and not the taxpayer)
1450 - 1520 Coffee Break    
1520 - 1600 Taking the content from Day 1 - and bringing it to life - Michael Ingledew    
1930 - 2200 Pie n Pint Those who have booked  

Day Three - Industry Updates and Trends

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Time Title Description & Watch Video Introduction Notes
0830 - 0900 Registration Grab a coffee and find your seat ALL
0900 - 0915 Welcome What you can expect over the day and getting the most from your time here. Michael Ingledew
0915 -0945 Updates in Augmented Reality in Maintenance Following on from the 2018 event - Dr Erkoyuncu from Cranfield University will update us on the developments in the field of platform maintenance and the use of augmented reality Dr John Erkoyuncu
0945 - 1015 DE&S Updates on Technical Publication Policy   Ian Millward *
1015 - 1045 Team Defence Information Update   Phil Williams *
1045 - 1115 Coffee Break   ALL
1115 - 1145 MOD Def Log - a Briefing Paper   Aspire
1145 - 1215 Awaiting Title   Dr Mike Day - Rolls-Royce
1215 - 1245 When support goes wrong   A real-life look at platforms that have suffered from poor ILS process and support implementation - Peter Stuttard
1245 - 1345 Lunch & Exhibition   ALL
1345 - 1415 Industy Updates, Trends, News and topics What are the ADS trends in technical and product support? Michael Ingledew
1415 - 1445 AI, tech pubs and training   Cath Convery
1445 - 1515 Take-Away Coffee & Where next?    
  * awaiting corporate/final approval