Agenda – 2020

Below is the agenda for this years TDW-Live event – please note all start times are UK. Please adjust accordingly for your timezone.


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Day 1 - 'Workshop' Presentations





0900 – Welcome to TDW-Live 2020 – Getting the most out of the event and how it will work

Michael Ingledew

0920 – Technical Publications the beating heart of Integrated Product Support


The modern technical publication is more than text and illustrations on a page, we have to ingress data from external disciplines, configure and design the content. But what does this give us? If we adopt a 21st Century approach to our technical support information, what avenues then open to us?

In this presentation, we will look at why we use structured languages and what is now in the world of the possible when it comes to Integrated Product Support. This presentation will set the scene for what you will learn over the next couple of days.

Michael Ingledew

1030 – Content as a business asset:  imagining the use-case for ASD-STE 100 Simplified Technical English® (STE) in Formula 1


ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English® (STE) Issue 8 is expected in 2021 – 35 years since its first issue. STE is a controlled language designed to make technical documents clear, simple, and unambiguous. In 1986, manuals were paper-based, linear, and time-consuming to produce and maintain. Fast-forward to 2020 and technology has transformed the technical documentation landscape and its roll within product support, not only in A&D but also in many other industries.

Inspired by our visit to the British Motor Museum, we look at the world of Formula 1™ (F1) and imagine the use-case for STE. There are many similarities between supporting an F1 car and an aircraft or military platform. F1 cars are technically complex products that are used in very different conditions each race and have to be maintained to a high standard under time pressured conditions. F1 is also a highly regulated and safety-conscious industry. Where F1 differs is that the goal of an F1 team is to win driver and constructor championships. Teams improve by working within the sports regulations to extract performance advantages over their competitors. To do this, F1 teams employ talented people who work together to achieve the team’s goal and invest in the latest technologies. What better place to see if STE has a role?

Berry Braster

Ciaran Dodd

1100 – Adopting S1000D at the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight


The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight manages and maintains the historic fleet of prestigious aircraft for the UK Ministry of Defence. Mark Wilson, on behalf of QinetiQ, was tasked with capturing (from SMEs), developing and delivering modern interactive technical manuals to support the fleet for the next 30+ years. In this presentation, Mark looks at the reasoning why and the challenges encountered migrating and developing content from 1940s technical publications to an S1000D-based-IETP solution.

Mark Wilson – QinetiQ

1300 – 1400 Panel Discussion

Join Berry, Ciaran, Mark and Mike live online to answer some of your questions. This session will be live to TDWPlus, Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube. 


Day 2 - 'Practitioner' Presentations





0900 – Welcome and getting the most from Day 2

Michael Ingledew

0930 – Developing an S1000D strategy for the eVTOL domain


Vertical Aerospace is driving carbon-free air travel. Developing innovative clean-energy platforms. But how do you use an established specification like S1000D that does not fully support your project requirements?

James McMillan

1015 – CorelDRAW Technical Suite and S1000D


How is CorelDRAW supporting S1000D graphic requirements out of the box?

Suzanne Smith

Christian Schmaehl

1100 – Adopting S1000D & Augmented Reality in the Rail MRO domain


The world of specification driven technical publications is now well established. The rail MRO sector is adopting S1000D and delivering instruction to maintainers via an augmented reality environment. In this presentation you will learn what AMRC is doing to support the maintainer today with AR and S1000D-based instruction.


1145 – S5000F – in-service feedback in action


In this presentation Tony Harris will share his company’s experiences of working collaboratively with Leonardo MW Ltd to develop a post-mission data feedback and collection system for the Royal Navy’s Merlin Mk 2 helicopter fleet.

Tony Harris

1215 – Enabling Global Access with Anywhere, Any device, Any language IETMs


The world of support information and Integrated Product Support has evolved beyond recognition from only a few years ago. How do we integrate the product, support information and other external data capture with the modern technical publication? SDL will show how this is now a reality for our customers using valuable data inputs and delivering maintenance time savings and maximizing product availability.

Lewis Marshall

1300 – Industry has a Product Support Problem! Can Sx000i fix it? 

Mark Willis – CDS Defence & Security

1345 – Delivering an Interactive Experience with IETPs in UltraPortal v3.0


Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP) allow your customers to get closer to their technical manuals and connect with its content to a greater extent than its physical and static counterparts. In this presentation, you will discover the opportunities that UltraPortal v3.0 from WebX Systems can provide when distributing and interacting with these solutions.

Sarah Carter

1430 – Producing Technical Illustrations from 3D data


Join David during this presentation and learn how the technical illustration process is driven from 3D models.

David Manock

1500 – The S1000D Common Information Repository

David Jacques & Fernando Alvarez

1530 – Panel Discussion


Day 3 - 'S-Series' Presentations - Supported by ASD





0900 – Welcome and getting the most from Day 3

Michael Ingledew

0930 – Setting the scene for the day

Allan Goody

1000 – IPS Council Introduction

Phil Williams – MD Team Defence Information

1030 – ASD STE-100 Working Group Update on behalf of TDi

Ciaran Dodd, Chair UK STE Working Group

1100 – Application of S-Series Specifications across BAE Systems Products

Stuart Houghton

1130 – BIG Data

Neil Rae

1400 – SX000i Specification & Updates

Dawn Meyer

1430 – S6000T

Bill Shook

1500 – The Harmonized Suite of S-Series specifications

Paul Haslam

1530 – Contracting for the S-Series

James Halpern

1600 – Panel Discussion