Raytheon Technologies

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Raytheon EAGLE

The Raytheon EAGLE team has produced logistics support software for over two decades and currently provides the following logistic software products:

The EAGLE Logistics Support Analysis Record (LSAR) toolkit is used by thousands of analysts around the world to develop logistics data to the following specifications; MIL-STD-1388-2B, ASD S3000L, DEF-STN-0060, GEIA-STD-0007 and DEF (AUST) 5697.

EAGLE Publishing System is an authoring tool and common source database (CSDB) used to produce and manage ASD S1000D, MIL-STD-40051 and MIL-STD-30001 data for interactive electronic technical publications. EPS is powerful, intuitive and robust, it incorporates features for program management and data development on time at minimal cost. Easy to use productivity tools include an integrated editor with a real-time preview and intelligent copy/paste from documents. Data modules can be populates from EAGLE LSAR records, tying the engineer to the documentations and saving time and effort. The maintenance task data in the LSAR is updated as authored changes are made in EPS. Authors can preview the data with a choice of supported 3rd party viewers including EAGLE Vision.

EAGLE Portal is a web page that allows the customer or end-user a quick and easy way to review EAGLE Publishing System data from remote locations without needing an installed tool. This simplifies and shortens the length of time the review process takes. It gives specified users access to view the data, review comments are used to update the EAGLE Publishing System for immediate action by authors.

EAGLE Vision is a web-based S1000D Viewer. It allows users to view published data in an interactive viewer. Each publication deployed to the EAGLE Vision application is displayed on a home page and can be viewed by users with access to either the remote server or the local application.

EAGLE Web can give customers review access to the LSAR and technical publications data with commenting capabilities using nothing more than a browser. EAGLE Maintenance Management Information System (MMIS) is a thin-client tool to support fielded systems with asset tracking, configuration management, FRACAS, work-flow, preventive maintenance management and much, much more.

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